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Client-Centered Psychotherapy

The Client-Centered Psychotherapie by Rogers is based on a humanistic view. The focus of the therapy is the relationship between therapist and patient, which is characterized by authenticity, appreciation and empathy.

The patient's concerns are dealt with without prejudice, so that the patient can open up in a safe environment and become clear about his own wishes and needs

This way, solutions for the challenging situations are sought together so that the patient gains more joie de vivre, self-confidence and resilience.

The aim of the therapy is that the patient regains his ability to self-actualize with the help of the therapist and thus can find solutions to his problems.

The Client-Centered Psychotherapy has a broad field of application, including depression, grief, dejection, lack of self-confidence, addiction, inner tension, anxietysocial phobia, inner blockades, imbalance and numbing.

It is also ideal for patients who strive for personal development, want to pursue their desire for self-development and want to lead a self-determined, balanced life.