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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a special form of psychotherapy. In contrast to many other methods, the focus is less on the life history of the patient. It is more about analyzing current problems in certain situations and systematically uncovering the patterns of thought and behavior that led to the respective problem.

CBT is based on the knowledge that thoughts and feelings have a crucial influence on our behavior. If we have false or harmful beliefs about ourselves or our environment, then there is a high risk that the person experiences conflicts or develops mental disorders like a depression.

The focus of therapy is on "help to self-help", i.e. in therapy, goal-oriented ways of thinking and behaving are developed together with the therapist and implemented to cope with problems in everyday life.

CBT works with problem-solving training, relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises, imagination, and behavioral exercises, among others

This therapy is in particular helpful for patients with anxiety,sleeping disorder, chronic pain, depression, burn-out, life crisisand eating disorder

A successful therapy leads to more zest for life, self-confidence and even temper.